Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Changed My Mind About....

Yea, so it started around last October 2007 when I started to really think about getting into the Porn Industry... it would have been different for me, not something that I really thought about doing... but it happened. Anyways, I also got many offers from people in the industry about doing movies... the money sounded alright, but deep inside I knew thats not really the route I wanted to take in the Adult Industry. So, I would agree to doing the flicks, but when it came time to do them, I would change my mind, because I knew that once its done, it would be out there forever... especially if thats something that I know I really didn't want to do, mainly just because of my situation at the time I was just thinking about the money I needed... having to take the Aim test every month still didn't make me feel safe from catching STD's or HIV... it was too risky, and many of the people that I ran across in the industry got angry with me, but only I know whats good for me... yes I took up the offer, but you have to understand that everyone has their own way of seeing things. I knew exactly what I wanted to do in the Adult Industry and/ or Modeling Industry... from Exotic Dancing, Nude/ Erotic Modeling, or even softcore videos for my paysite... so thats what I originally had in mind before my money issues came about. But if you look at it, there are a lot of Models that take adult type photos, have a paysite, and little softcore stuff, and make really good money... and the thing is that their not plus size, BBW, or whatever you want to call it... there are some BBW's or plus size ladies that I have seen doing softcore, but not many. .. and thats the route that I want to take, it seems like if your a BBW you have to do porn in order to make it. Now, I'm definitely not knocking anyone who has done or is doing porn, but BBW's should have more options as to what we want to do in modeling or the adult industry. Check out www.buffiethebody.com now she has a very successful modeling career as well as paysite, and yet she does not do porn... also Deelishes from "Flavor Of Love 2" http://www.londoncharles.com/a/index.php, also has a successful paysite and modeling career. Basically, the point that I'm trying to make is that, if your a BBW or plus size woman and your into Exotic Dancing, Modeling, or whatever... make yourself noticed and make your own opportunities... if the only offers your getting are for hardcore porn and yet your heart is not there, don't even attempt to do it... because if you knew from the start that its not for you either you'll take another route or it won't end right anyway. Always do things the way you had it planned and do what makes you comfortable... yes its hard for BBW's to make it in the Modeling Industry without doing hardcore porn, but things will happen when its supposed to and in the end you'll be proud and happy. Precious xoxo

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