Monday, May 26, 2008

The African American Down South Lifestyle & Music

The south is a new experience for me, being from Detroit and all... however there is a lot of evidence of why 1) the music is not creative 2) their on Youtube arguing over TI not being from Bankhead and 3) most north and west coast people don't respect them... if you feel disrespected, by all means don't read my blog:-)

Well, yesterday my mom and I were grilling some meat at the apartment communities grill; there were some little boys over there too, ages ranging from 5 - 11, they were talking and there were two boys that had a dark skin tone and about three that were light toned and the rest medium brown toned. OK, again I'm from the north... you will find those that stereotype African American skin tones but its very rare. Getting back on subject, these little boys were teasing the darkest little boy calling him "black" and saying " your blacker than this or that" and the lighter toned little boy said "Yea, and I'm the lightest one", in which they treated him like he was above average. My mom and I just looked at each other, very disappointed.

We have been in Atlanta for two years now, and the African American natives of the south have a very different mind frame from those of the north or west coast. That's when I thought that this is the reason why majority Rap Artist from the south are not lyrical, speaking on TRUE facts, no CREATIVITY, and they think that HIP HOP is about street credit when its not.

I am in love with my music, specifically Hip Hop & RnB from 2004 and back. I go on Youtube every other day to check out whats new in music, and I always stumble over a new video from Shawty Lo... walking through Bankhead searching for T.I., offering money for T.I.'s high school yearbook photo, and so on lol. Why is hip hop dying, first of all his lyrics are lame, let alone he has no kind of flow, and raps about the same shit, and its very irritating that the new generation of children will think that this is what Hip Hop is when its far from that! Personally, T.I. is just one of those artist thats saving Hip Hop right now.

My whole point on this south thing is that their lifestyle shows in the music that they make. They think that Hip Hop means you've been to prison, been shot, sold drugs, etc... and their not looking at TALENT... writing skills, story telling, can you picture what this rapper is talking about in your head? Are they painting a picture? Its just not sticking with me, and like I said its very, very irritating. Sometimes I feel like packing my shit, moving back to Detroit or moving to New York, just so that I can relate to somebody. Because I can't relate to saying someone is better because their half white and black or has a light skin tone, I can't relate to keeping my mouth shut and not speaking about WHAT"S REALLY HAPPENING IN THE WORLD, I can't relate to becoming a Shawty Lo fan because he's from Bankhead and saying fuck T.I.P. being a REAL HIP HOP ARTIST, I can't relate to accepting Soulja Boy, Plies, Mims, Lil' Wayne & those other lames as The New Hip Hop and hearing their songs on the radio every hour, when I used to hear Nas, Jay Z, Lost Boys, Lil' Kim, Foxy Brown, Total, Biggies, Pac, Outkast, & other greats on the radio all day... thats just crazy to me, and I know times change, but damn... living in the south is getting irritating to me. I just can't relate, being the DEEP individual that I am... its not possible to have a conversation with people that can't and will probably never understand the TRUTH!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Black Women Do What?

  • Okay, I ran across a comment that someone made on youtube that said "black women need to stop dressing ridiculous and doing booty dances, we have more to offer than that". Now, I found this comment under a video response speaking on the group of black men that "hate black women". And it hurts to know that it was a black woman posting that comment, and thats because black woman constantly gets blamed for dressing this way, dancing this way, acting this way, etc. However, other race of women do the same thing, but its nothing wrong with it then. For instance, a white woman is an exotic dancer, escort, or porn star... she's a professional and respected.... a black woman does the same thing, becomes an exotic dancer, escort, or porn star... she's a whore, slut, disrespecting her race, and not professional. Now, it does get different when you have the white womans clients treat her with respect and as a professional, and the black womans clients treat her like a piece of meat... and its so sad but true that white men treat their women differently than black men. I am an exotic dancer so I should know and would like to use an example, when I have white clients... I am treated with respect, treated as a professional, and tipped very well lol... but when I dance for black men (not speaking on all black men) I tend to have to demand respect when they try to go too far with touching, they constantly try to ask for "other services", its not a professional experience, and tips have to be demanded. What I can say about this one is not that black women shouldn't do this or that, because everyone has their own personality and style... however, black women or women period should demand respect from all men, no matter what their profession is... I was taught to give respect and get respect. Basing certain topics on race is not fair, people are people, its not only black women that dress too sexy or dance too sexy... its not only white women that dress too sexy and dance too sexy. Everyone are individuals, its just so happen that more black women have curves so they would get more attention when they wear that same dress that another race of woman is wearing and we all know that more black people dance better than other races, so yes when a black woman is dancing on beat with curves she would get more attention than others. Black people in Africa, Jamaica, and the USA dance the same way... we wouldn't be us if we didn't lol.
Precious xoxo

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Todays Music???

OK, so its been a good while since my last post... but I feel that I must speak on this topic, "Todays Music". Now, I grew up in the 90's era of music... thats when I fell in love with Hip Hop & RnB Music, from Biggie (GOAT), 2 Pac, Mart J. Blige, SWV, Xscape, Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, Eminem, Ice Cube, LL Cool J, Total, 702, Nas, Jay Z, Heavy D, Brownstone, Lil Kim, Foxy Brown, Da Brat, and the list just goes on and on with great artist. But now, not trying to speak bad on the south... which has great Hip Hop artist like Outkast, Scarface, Ghetto Boys, UGK, TIP, & so on... but you never hear their music on the radio (with the exception of TIP)... otherwise I'm speaking on the MAINSTREAM southern "hip hop", like Soulja Boy, Shawty Lo, Young Jeezy, Lil' Wayne, Plies, Flo Rida, and so on... the music is meaningless now, and I really do pray that REAL Hip Hop comes back. Music is so sad and sorry nowadays, and if you comment on Youtube or Blog Sites about your feelings you will get bashed by Soulja Boys groupies or southern folks... and I feel so sorry for them because they don't even understand why Nas said Hip Hop is dead. With the 90's artist speaking on TRUE facts about life and the economy was doing pretty great back then, I would expect more lyrical quality now with the shit that's going on now... from Hurricane Katrina (Thanx Hova for "Minority Report"), the economy is horrible, and the USA is in a crisis today. But not only does the music today not have lyrical quality, but these rappers don't even have a flow... so why are they rapping? There was definitely dance music back then, but at least they had a flow and actually had talent. And nothing was ever the same, what do you have now... Crank That Soulja Boy... Crank Dat Batman... Crank Dat Yank... Get Silly... Low... Shawty... Buy U A Drink... Rock Yo Hips and the list goes on and on with the same pathetic lyrics, same beats, and same dance. What ever happened to having your own mind and creativity? You can be sooo successful by being your own person, take MJB and Hova for instance... the did the "Heart Of The City Tour" this year and it was sold out all over and money was not wasted on those tickets... they both have originality and are living legends, they sell records while record sales are at an all time low, and people love them. You don't have to copy in order to be liked.... and not only is it about the right now, but where will you be 10 years from now? Will you be an MC Hammer & Vanilla Ice or 2 Pac & Biggie? People all over the world take todays "Hip Hop" in the US as a joke, so just think about it...

LL Cool J & Total "Loungin Remix"

Plies & Ne Yo "Bust It Baby Pt. 2"

Jodeci "Forever My Lady"

T Pain "Bartender"

Jay Z & MJB "Can't Knock The Hustle"

Birdman & Lil' Wayne "Pop Bottles"

Lil' Kim, Left Eye, Missy Elliott, Angie Martinez, & Da Brat "Ladies Night"

Well you should get my point now lol.