Thursday, February 28, 2008

Rapper T.I. Offered 15 Year Plea Deal.....

Clifford Joseph Harris Jr. B.K.A. T.I. or T.I.P. was offered an 15 year plea agreement by prosecuting attorney, David E. Nahmias. Now, the mandatory minimum prison term for possession of a silencer is 10 years, and the extra 5 years is added to the prison term for TIP's long criminal history. Go here for more info

Hope all goes well for TIP, stay strong!!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Shawty Lo "Units In The City" Album Review

OK, so everyone here in Atlanta has been talking about Shawty Lo of D4L album coming out, and it is finally released... and as far as the critics, its not good at all. I mean, I really didn't expect for it to be so amazing, but with him being from ATL they are going to show him a lot of love. Anyhow, I have an album review... courtesy of
and here it is...

Shawty LO|Units In The City

by King Jerm

Released: February 28, 2008
Label: D4L/Asylum


You would think being on the Mt. Rushmore of Snap music was enough. NOPE, not for Shawty LO! He has branched out on his own and released a solo LP. The Bankhead, Atlanta native received a big buzz off of his first single, "Dey Know" but only because of the appearance of Young Jeezy. But enough about this let’s get to the music.

He starts it off with a simple beat and some simple rhymes about selling drugs. Why does he sound like a bootleg Jeezy? NEXT!

Dey Know
This is the first single, fitting that he would have it at the beginning. But this is the best song on the album. Just wished that he would have included the remix on the album, but I don’t think he wanted another "So Icy" situation on his hands!

Dunn Dunn
First saw the title and wondered how he would pull it off. But he has dunn dunn it all! This is the infamous song where he allegedly calls out T.I. "Say they from the Westside must be two sides!" It’s kind of funny that he has the nerve to call out Tip on a record. The song is decent.

The beat on this one is pretty straight but the lyrics on this one are GARBAGE! Whenever you use "nah nah" and "ha ha" in a song, I think you have earned the right to say that. SKIP!

Let’s Get It
Featuring DG Yola
He uses a phrase from "Dey Know" on this one. The production is simple and LO keeps it up with the simple rhymes. Yola resurfaces and lays down a cliché filled 16.

Feels Good to Be Here
On this one LO is looking back on his life, can’t knock his story, but I can knock the song. This beat sounds too simple and he is still keeping the ABC rhymes. SKIP!

Ain’t Tellin’ You
Featuring Phace Baity
This album is getting redundant. This song sucks! He talks about the same thing over and over again. Same thing on a different beat.

Cut the Check
Featuring Lil' Mark & Braski
The dopeboy/rapper/exec is back on this one with some help from Lil' Mark and Braski. If you rap with LO you have to use the same style as him. You know dizzo, lizzo, and hello. This one isn’t that bad until LO starts rapping. That's terrible because this is his album!

GA Lotto
This sounds like "Rubberband Man" a little bit, matter of fact a lot! But don’t worry, he doesn’t deliver like Tip. He says he has dope money like he won the Georgia Lotto! WOW!

That’s Shawty LO
He’s exploiting the children on this one! He should have gotten them to write his lyrics while they were at it! Don’t bother listening to this song! SKIP!

Easily I Approach
The beat starts out okay, but then it goes back to being simple. Nothing new from LO on this song, he uses the same story on the eleventh song. He even borrowed a line from Eazy-E on the song.

Live My Life
Featuring Kool Ace
The beat sounds like one from a Tampax commercial. The hook is horrendous and I know I’m sounding redundant but LO is still kicking those Pre-K rhymes. NEXT!

Got 'Em 4 The Lo
Featuring Gucci Mane & Stuntman
This is my dream collabo; Shawty LO and Gucci Mane…what! While most of you were waiting for Jay and Nas, I was waiting for LO and Gucci. The song lived up to the hype…its TERRIBLE! Stuntman's verse was the worse. Unless you’re a fan of both rappers, don’t listen to this.

Count On Me
Featuring Miss T
Guess this is what he calls a love song. I call it what it is…TRASH! I'll let you be the judge! The chick singing the hook is okay, but she isn't hitting any high notes except for a "Damn Thang!"

We Gon Ride
Featuring Mook B, G-Child, Stuntman, Lil' Mark, & 40
The last song on the album is a posse song featuring the crew. The hook has some guy singing "we gon ride, we gon ride!" I hate it. The song is not that hot either. Glad this is the last song!

Bottom Line:
This is the guy from D4L you know, so hope you didn’t expect any Hip-Hop quotables from the guy. He uses the same lines throughout the album, Bankhead, dopeboy, and the Lizzo. He even raps in that same whispery voice the whole album! This is one of the worst albums I have reviewed. This has to be the only solo album that he ever releases! When you put simple lyrics with simple beats you get Units in the City!

You can find this review at:

Check Out Jay Z's New Music Video "I Know"....

What's up everybody, I want you guys to check out Jay Z's new music video "I Know" from the "American Gangster" album.... let me know what you think about it....

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Diamond On Rap City Freestyling....

I read an interview SOHH ( had with Princess Of Crime Mob about Diamond and some other things too, but they were talking about Diamonds freestyle on Rap City and said it was not good... now prior to reading that, I have also heard Webbie feat Diamond "Independent" Remix on the radio down here in the ATL... I like Diamond's music and everything, but when your free styling its suppose to be off the top of your head, not written... she didn't exactly free style and I think thats why people are saying it was bad. At least if you know your supposed to be free styling and can't do it, spit something that no one will ever hear, you know lol....

The Parker Report... No more Lil or Youngs

OK, so here's David Banner, Killer Mike, Diamond, and Princess from Crime Mob speaking on should rappers still include Lil and Young in their names... its kinda played out to me, but see what they have to say.....

Saturday, February 23, 2008

"Flashing Lights" by Kanye West... check it out!!

Hey, check out Kanye's new music video "Flashing Lights"... its very interesting....

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Like Fantasia'a New Hair Style???

Its been a big buzz about Fantasia's new hairstyle, in which she was rockin' at the 2008 Grammy's... I think its very cute, I love different... not too sure about everyone else, to me its Ghetto Fabulous lol.... what do you think???

Is Diamond Formerly Of Crime Mob Pregnant????

So, I have been browsing around the web tonight, and there are rumors that Diamond B.K.A. Ms. 32 Flavors is pregnant. Ms. Diamond was recently seen at Keri Hilson's Flashback Birthday Bash in Atlanta, GA... she posed for photos and everything, but if you look at the photo it really does look as if she's pregnant. Well, I guess we'll have to wait and see if it's true or not.....

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Changed My Mind About....

Yea, so it started around last October 2007 when I started to really think about getting into the Porn Industry... it would have been different for me, not something that I really thought about doing... but it happened. Anyways, I also got many offers from people in the industry about doing movies... the money sounded alright, but deep inside I knew thats not really the route I wanted to take in the Adult Industry. So, I would agree to doing the flicks, but when it came time to do them, I would change my mind, because I knew that once its done, it would be out there forever... especially if thats something that I know I really didn't want to do, mainly just because of my situation at the time I was just thinking about the money I needed... having to take the Aim test every month still didn't make me feel safe from catching STD's or HIV... it was too risky, and many of the people that I ran across in the industry got angry with me, but only I know whats good for me... yes I took up the offer, but you have to understand that everyone has their own way of seeing things. I knew exactly what I wanted to do in the Adult Industry and/ or Modeling Industry... from Exotic Dancing, Nude/ Erotic Modeling, or even softcore videos for my paysite... so thats what I originally had in mind before my money issues came about. But if you look at it, there are a lot of Models that take adult type photos, have a paysite, and little softcore stuff, and make really good money... and the thing is that their not plus size, BBW, or whatever you want to call it... there are some BBW's or plus size ladies that I have seen doing softcore, but not many. .. and thats the route that I want to take, it seems like if your a BBW you have to do porn in order to make it. Now, I'm definitely not knocking anyone who has done or is doing porn, but BBW's should have more options as to what we want to do in modeling or the adult industry. Check out now she has a very successful modeling career as well as paysite, and yet she does not do porn... also Deelishes from "Flavor Of Love 2", also has a successful paysite and modeling career. Basically, the point that I'm trying to make is that, if your a BBW or plus size woman and your into Exotic Dancing, Modeling, or whatever... make yourself noticed and make your own opportunities... if the only offers your getting are for hardcore porn and yet your heart is not there, don't even attempt to do it... because if you knew from the start that its not for you either you'll take another route or it won't end right anyway. Always do things the way you had it planned and do what makes you comfortable... yes its hard for BBW's to make it in the Modeling Industry without doing hardcore porn, but things will happen when its supposed to and in the end you'll be proud and happy. Precious xoxo

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Ashanti's New Video

Ashanti has finally comeback with her new single "The Way That I Love You".... check out the video.....

50 Cent's Baby Mama Goes From $25K Per Month To $6,700 Per Month...

Last week, I heard on the radio that Rap Superstar 50 Cent's, baby moms continuously asked him for money until they went to court and she got the surprise of her life... she was already getting $25,000 per month, which is more than enough money... but she wanted $50,000 per month, well they reduced the payments down to $6,700 per month. I bet she wish she would have kept her mouth shut, you can't get too greedy. I don't get why she was trying to get more money, but thats how it goes... maybe she'll learn something:-)

Friday, February 15, 2008

Young Entrepreneur At Age 12

Last night, I was reading "Ebony Magazine" for March 2008 and I ran across an article about a young lady, Leanna Archer (12 years old) who started her own Hair Care Product Company when she was 8 years old. The product that she has is an homemade hair dressing recipe going two generations back, and Leanna was determined to start a company selling the product. Leanna constantly begged her parents to let her start Leanna's Inc... and they finally gave in to what has now become a successful company, especially for such a young child. You can view and order products from Leanna's Inc. at

Monday, February 11, 2008

Favorite Books So Far

OK, I just wanted to share two of my best books with you guys... 1st we have "Blossom" by Queen Pen. I am actually reading this book again, for the 3rd time and believe me its that good. Now, I heard that a sequel is supposed to be coming out early this year... this is the Club Review from
We all know Queen Pen for her rap game, but now she's trying on a different hat—author. Her debut novel, Blossom is a wake-up call for young girls everywhere.

Blossom is a beautiful young woman who meets and falls for Dude, an older, smooth-talking street hustler. Lavished with expensive jewelry, exotic getaways, and a fierce wardrobe, Blossom gets a taste of "the good life." But she also gets a taste of danger, when she and Dude become the targets of a killer. Worse yet, after the tragic loss of someone close to him, Dude lashes out at Blossom and his love turns cold. Deceit becomes the new foundation of their relationship, and Blossom is left feeling abandoned and betrayed. Will love survive the pull of the streets?"

Now my second fav is "Fabulosity" by Kimora Lee Simmons, in which I am still reading... but it is a complete guide to becoming a successful, independent woman. Courtesy of
"Fabulosity (n): 1: a state of everything that is fabulous 2: a quality ascribed to that which expresses glamour, style, charisma, power, and heart

Kimora Lee Simmons knows what it means to have fabulosity -- and she wants to tell you how to get it.

In this empowering new book, Kimora -- a top model, wife of hip-hop legend Russell Simmons, mother to two daughters, a national media presence, and president and creative director of the multimillion-dollar Baby Phat company -- shares her personal secrets of success and fabulosity.

Kimora knows that in today’s ultracompetitive world, it’s not enough for women just to be smart or dress well. With too much to do and competition everywhere, the savvy woman must know how to combine feminine glamour with professional power, business ambition with personal values, and confidence with heart. Kimora is the living picture of all these things.

What are Kimora’s secrets to achieving her goals, her signature fabulosity? One is her ability to identify and build upon her own unique talents and strengths. In Kimora’s case, she brilliantly combined the two worlds she knows best -- the high fashion and hip-hop scenes -- to create Baby Phat, her ultrasuccessful hip-hop inspired lifestyle brand.

How do you uncover and develop your own special talents? Kimora shares her step-by-step guide to achieving your wildest dreams, including her 16 laws of success, which cover everything you need to become the woman you want to be.

Whether you’re college-educated or street smart, just starting out or at the top of your game, Fabulosity has something to say to you. Learn how to cultivate Power, Independence, Confidence, and Positivity in everything you do, whether it’s finding Mr. Right, snagging that corner office, or rocking the latest fashion trend. Packed with useful lessons and Kimora’s personal tips, this book will be your instruction manual to empowering yourself, turning your individual talents into permanent success, and unleashing your inner fabulosity."

So, make sure you guys check these titles out... they are very good for young ladies like myself... "Blossom" is a Novel that many young ladies in the urban community can relate to, and yet "Fabulosity" is like an urban self help book for young ladies... learn and enjoy reading!

Make Money On Your Own Terms (Legally)

This is something else that came to my mind this week, and a lot of people don't realize that they can actually make money working for them self... it takes time and energy to think about what you would want to do, but its very achievable. For example, myself and my mom... the both of us work together on anything that we do, but we started using what we had and made it a Full- Time job... we have a reliable car, so we started a courier service... you have access to the internet and your pretty good with writing or speaking about a subject, so you start a blog... I'm very good at dancing and modeling, so I started an exotic dance service, and so forth. So, what I'm basically saying is if you have an entrepreneur spirit, determined to find your own hustle, then evaluate yourself... ask yourself, "what am I good at?"... and you should more than likely come up with a way to make money without working for someone else. You would find out that you have more peace of mind, you feel confident, and you make more money that way too. Another example that I would like to use is Ashley Qualls (17) whom is from Michigan, and started a website doing what she loved, and thats designing Myspace Layouts... but her website ended up becoming a multi- million dollar website, in which she invested $8. So, why don't you make your hobby make you a six figure, or even more income... anyone can do it:-)

Friday, February 1, 2008

Random Thoughts On Music

Whats up people!! This topic just popped in my head, my brother (17) and I are always arguing about how music is these days... I mean I love music, and love to listen to the new music these days (I know I'm Only 20)... but it really isn't the same, with the exception of T.I., Beyonce', Alicia Keys, Common, and some others... but I mostly remember the 90's and like the groups like Jodeci, Xscape, TLC, SWV, are no longer, but those of that time could actually sing... it seems like if you look like America wants you to, then you get a record deal and those that have true talent can never share it with the world(Dominique Young Of Making The Band 3). Now, I love my Rap and RnB (RnB really sucks now though), but if you look at the Pop and Rock Genre, you can see why I'm concerned. So many young Pop and Rock singers are getting so much recognition, but there is no true talent... people are always talking about the T Pain effect, most Pop and Rock artist use that (Britney Spears, Ashlee Simpson,Lindsey Lohan, Hillary Duff, etc), not to mention they go to rehab all the time, but why is it that no one lets America know that there is no reason for them to be making music, there are plenty of truly gifted talented people out there that deserve to be out there. Thats just something that popped in my head, but I will TTYL:-)