Tuesday, March 27, 2007

I Need To Start Earing A Living From Home

OK, my mom has been having problems at her job now for a couple of weeks... she has been leaving the work site to take my brother and I to our jobs (no, I haven't got my drivers license yet, I'm working on it). But now, my mom has made an agreement with her boss that she would not leave the premises, and she changed her work hours... so that she can leave earlier. But now I'm stuck, in order for my mom to take me to work I have to change my hours so that I can work evenings, or figure out a way I can earn a living from home within 2 days. So far, making a living from home would not be a problem, in fact I would love to work from home, but I rarely hear of people quitting their normal job to work from home and start earning money immediately. So, I guess I'll just contact my supervisor, change my hours, continue my venture for the perfect home based business, and continue my daily hustles:-)

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