Friday, May 23, 2008

Black Women Do What?

  • Okay, I ran across a comment that someone made on youtube that said "black women need to stop dressing ridiculous and doing booty dances, we have more to offer than that". Now, I found this comment under a video response speaking on the group of black men that "hate black women". And it hurts to know that it was a black woman posting that comment, and thats because black woman constantly gets blamed for dressing this way, dancing this way, acting this way, etc. However, other race of women do the same thing, but its nothing wrong with it then. For instance, a white woman is an exotic dancer, escort, or porn star... she's a professional and respected.... a black woman does the same thing, becomes an exotic dancer, escort, or porn star... she's a whore, slut, disrespecting her race, and not professional. Now, it does get different when you have the white womans clients treat her with respect and as a professional, and the black womans clients treat her like a piece of meat... and its so sad but true that white men treat their women differently than black men. I am an exotic dancer so I should know and would like to use an example, when I have white clients... I am treated with respect, treated as a professional, and tipped very well lol... but when I dance for black men (not speaking on all black men) I tend to have to demand respect when they try to go too far with touching, they constantly try to ask for "other services", its not a professional experience, and tips have to be demanded. What I can say about this one is not that black women shouldn't do this or that, because everyone has their own personality and style... however, black women or women period should demand respect from all men, no matter what their profession is... I was taught to give respect and get respect. Basing certain topics on race is not fair, people are people, its not only black women that dress too sexy or dance too sexy... its not only white women that dress too sexy and dance too sexy. Everyone are individuals, its just so happen that more black women have curves so they would get more attention when they wear that same dress that another race of woman is wearing and we all know that more black people dance better than other races, so yes when a black woman is dancing on beat with curves she would get more attention than others. Black people in Africa, Jamaica, and the USA dance the same way... we wouldn't be us if we didn't lol.
Precious xoxo

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